Gretchen Minnhaar was born in Argentina, growing up in Rosario, where she studied to be an architect. Following a successful career in architecture, Minnhaar found a second passion in painting. A lover of the fast-paced people and landscape of cities, these are the inspirations behind her work.  Gretchen has studied painting in workshops and classes in the United States and abroad. Her work is owned by many collections and has been exhibited and awarded throughout Florida, Italy, New York, Chicago, Michigan, Ireland, Toronto, and Argentina. 

"My artistic vision cannot be separated from my architectural training where I 'choose the eyes to see' and to perceive a perspective so profoundly subjective and at the same time familiar to me as is the urban space. I look at the American cities in their struggle to survive. I see the world from different angles like flying over these fragmented and unstable cities. I feel the city that I so dearly love as a daily challenge in the wish to survive while waiting for the red light to change. The optimism for the desired success is depicted in the vibrant colors I use to express these views."